belief (plural beliefs)

  1. Mental acceptance of a claim as truth.
  2. (countable) Something believed.
    The ancient people have a belief in many deities.
  3. (uncountable) The quality or state of believing.
    My belief that it will rain tomorrow is strong.
  4. (uncountable) Religious faith.
    She often said it was her belief that carried her through the hard times.
  5. (plural) One"s religious or moral convictions.
    I can"t do that. It"s against my beliefs.
  6. (process) Wishing a case or circumstance to be true (be + "lief" --> be + wished).
    I recommend a switch from belief to simple being; you need a rest.

6 letters in word "belief": B E E F I L.

No anagrams for belief found in this word list.

Words found within belief:

be bee beef bel belie bi bile blee ee eel ef el elf fe fee feel fib fie fil file flee if lee lei li lib lie lief life

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